Why doesn't the LP include an RTC connector?

userHead LazyBunny 2016-12-25 10:30:43 15950 Views11 Replies
I can understand not including the RTC battery itself, it is a bit optional for many people. But why not include the connector itself?
I installed an RTC connector and battery and it's working great. It remembers the time and other stuff even between full power cycles (disconnected power), even when there's no other power going in.
So i'm curious why these weren't included. They're dirt cheap, so i can't imagine this was for cost saving.

LP could sell the RTC separately for $3 and people would gladly buy them. I would have since i need RTC save function since time stamps are important even when not connected to any networks.

PS: To anyone doing this for their own, please take note of the polarity, I just used a continuity test to check which was negative and which was positive. (negative goes to ground) Attachments 20161224_200209.jpg 20161224_200209.jpg (240.42 KiB) Viewed 13407 times