[CLOSED] LP not working again

userHead Joshharold 2017-01-04 11:25:16 3354 Views4 Replies
my lp worked fine until I stoped useing it for a week I came back tried to start my lp and the red light turned on then turned off, after I clicked the start button. I then moved it to a bigger power supply (5v 5.4a) but it did the same exact thing as before. I tried it again and then the red light turned on then off realy quickly. Now the red light barely even turns on. I have not changed the bios or have even touched it since over a week ago. dose anyone have any fixes or explinations on why this has happened (again). If I do not find out why my lp likes to die randomly I will be forced to return my lp for a money refund and move to another board that hopefully would work for more than 2 weeks.