Arduino ComPort missing on Windows Boot

userHead jwhollister 2017-01-11 06:21:21 2995 Views4 Replies
Working on a project, this is my first foray into using LattePanda, seeing something and wondering if it's normal or somehow related to our application. And if it is normal whether there's any way around it.

Basically when the machine is powered on it seems to run it's sketch, cycling through the pins correctly. But when Windows fully boots the Arduino ComPort isn't available. Then if I push the physical reset button it comes up, first you see the bootloader port then the main port and it all works.

Is this some kind of overload that happens and causes it to need to be reset or is that normal? If it is normal is there any way to invoke that reset other than the reset button? Ideally want the user to be able to just power the thing on and have it work.