How to buy LATTEPANDA China is difficult to buy

userHead sunyanguo 2017-01-15 21:30:35 2252 Views1 Replies
How to buy LATTEPANDA, I am very, very much, I bought from China's DFROBOT 6, so I have been waiting, what time is not clear. Only such... How can I get this good product as soon as possible? I want to buy in bulk!! Thank you

China is difficult to buy, China's DFROBOT, said there is no spot, can only wait, I need more than how to do, can not buy, how to buy? Help me, in addition, in the future if the repair? My phone number is +8615065659891

E-mail: LOVE_SOFT@163.COM from the official website to buy when I am always prompted to buy with the Chinese DFROBOT, how to do? So difficult to buy, I would like to ask LATTEPANDA, what should I do?