e-Paper Windows display via Arduino?

userHead scrappyjoe 2017-01-18 20:52:20 2270 Views1 Replies

Exploring various possibilities of e-paper with the LP. Excuse my ignorance, I am here to learn. Using a display like the one linked below -

https://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route ... ct_id=1312

Would it be possible to send information from the LP Windows system to the display VIA the embedded Arduino Leonardo in order to

1) Display real-time (or refresh every 5 min or whatever) system info like CPU/RAM/Network usage?


2) Display a feed of text sent from the Windows part (like a twitter feed for instance)


3) Use the e-paper display as a substitute for the actual Windows display? So I can actually use it like a little e-paper tablet? I understand it will not be useful because of slow refresh rate yada yada but I'm interested in strictly back-up use.

Some background, not essential but it might guide the answers: I use the LP as a tiny mobile Windows computer. When it boots up, it runs a script that creates a WiFi network. I connect to the WiFi network with my iPad then RDP in to the LP from the iPand and use it like a regular Windows laptop. This works really well 4/5 times, but sometimes it does not work. When it does not work, I have no way of knowing whether it's just a slow boot time or the WiFi script failed or whatever. So having some sort of output to the e-paper display would help me figure this out. For instance, I could send various text messages to the e-paper to let me know progress of the boot process (like, "logged in," "wifi established" etc). First prize would be to just have a complete display of the Windows session because I could troubleshoot directly on the device. I was waiting for the 5 inch LP display but this may be a more elegant/low power solution.

Thanks for your time!