[DEFECTIVE] RMA LP 4G/64Gb red led blink

userHead antonio.luongo12 2017-02-02 01:45:31 2314 Views1 Replies
good evening,
someone could help my LP enanched stopped working ....
I'll explain:
1) I plug the adapter to a power supply 5 @ 5A through CN
2) The boot process concludes successfully, with the blue and the red LED going off
3) Start the card with the power button and await the boot S.O.
4) I realize that the mouse and keyboard connected to the hub 2.0 do not work, I disconnect and reconnect the devices but nothing ....
5) I turn off the card by running the normal procedure and turn on ...
6) the card does not start, ie the blue LED starts to flash on and off correctly but the red one does nothing but blink.
I tried many procedures, Hard reset, re-flash bios but nothing even leaving it on for one night, the LED is still flashing, goes out only if I press power for more than 5 seconds. I also tried using the recovery image to no avail.
Please help me