[DEFECTIVE] Only Red Light On and no signal on screen

userHead ykho.mphk 2017-02-09 21:01:06 2618 Views4 Replies

My panda was dead last night when I turned it on as usual and it just lighted up the red light. No signal on both native screen and HDMI ouput.

I have followed the suggestions here(https://www.lattepanda.com/forum/topic/312903) to do a hard reset. I have tried different USB chargers (2.5A and 3A) and cables. I have also tried the auto-flash BIOS usb. 

My panda is 2GB RAM/32GB eMMC with intel Z8300. I am not a DIY expert. I just want my panda back and watch fun videos with this tiny computer. 

P.S. If I cannot join the RMA scheme, what can I do for repairing my panda? Thanks.