Intel GPIO

userHead dsanders11 2017-02-15 06:01:36 4570 Views5 Replies

Is there any new documentation regarding the Intel GPIO (U1 pinout) and how to use it?

The U1 pinout shown on the Input and Output documentation seems incomplete. Pin 1 and Pin 3 are both shown as "IC2_2 SCL". I'd expect one of them to be "IC2_2 SDA", similar to how there is both "IC2_0 SCL" and "IC2_0 SDA".

Is "DDIO SDA" and "DDIO SCL" for pins 5 and 7 correct? What does "DDIO" stand for? When searching all I can find is "Intel Data-Direct IO" which does not seem to be accessible from software. How does one access them?

I'm most interested in pins 5 and 7 having better documentation. Better description of their names and what they are wired to on the Intel X-Z8300 core.