Cannot save boot order changes in BIOS

userHead alberto86 2017-02-19 18:54:39 13268 Views10 Replies

Hi there,

I'm having exactly the same issue as the user alete had in this post.

but i think the solution he provides will break my system.

In my case, i'm not trying to install GNU/Linux. I was trying to update the BIOS to have the auto-boot feature in the 4G/64G z8300 cpu so i downloaded the .zip from here: ... %20BIOS/4G

But after flashing it, my Lattepanda only boots in recovery mode and in the BIOS it saves all changes except the boot option priorities!

The only way to boot Windows 10 is to use the Windows Boot manager Override option in the "Save & Exit" section.

Please help! Thanks in advance.