Use my laptop for development

userHead LaFrank 2017-02-27 01:08:43 3702 Views4 Replies
Ok, I got LattePanda, set it up and it is just working fine running Win10.

Now wanted to start developing some app. I am not new to development and Visual Studio, I have been writing windows desktop apps in c# for a long time, so have some experience. But this time I got stuck.

Unfortunately all docs on LattePanda dev seems to suggests that I install VS on LattePanda, but I definitley do not want to do that as VS can be quite resource intensive. Instead I want to use my laptop for development where VS is installed. Then deploy the app I develop to LattePanda and debug it remotely.
I actually did the same thing with success on a Pi3 running Windows 10 IOT Core, so I assume I can also achieve this with LattePanda and a full Win 10 ?

How is that possible ? Is there a good doc on this topic ?

Thanks in advance.