Any interest in a battery pack?

userHead scrappyjoe 2017-03-01 05:01:47 19452 Views14 Replies

I was wondering if there was any interest in a LiFePo4 18650-based battery that could serve as a UPS for the LP? The idea would be to build a battery holder that accepts a micro-usb input for charging and has a 2-pin output for powering the LP via the CN2 headers.

So, the flow of power would be:

Wall Mains --- > USB Cable ---> Battery --- CN2 connector ---> LattePanda

There would be no special power-down / auto shutoff functionality. It would just provide power until it runs out of juice, and it would make sure the right voltage arrived all the time.

LiFePO4 18650 batteries come in about 1500mAh sizes, at 3.3V, so it would only provide enough power to keep things going for a short while and I would have to build in a 5V step-up.

It this something I should work on? Alternatively, does something like this exist?