LP Enhanced - ESXI/Proxmox

userHead avidgamer 2017-03-05 03:39:31 3294 Views2 Replies
Hey all,
Received my LP-E today, had some fun tinkering with it, and decided to go ahead and try and get ESXi or Proxmox installed on it, and quite frankly I haven't got anywhere.
Anyone got any guides/instructions on doing this? I've tried with Rufus/Live Linux USB thingy, but it just won't boot, and when using the EFI shell, i can run the EFI executable, get the grub options up, but then it freezes on a black screen (Proxmox latest ISO).

Any help would be great, and yeah, i realise its not going to be great performance wise, but for a homelab, it should be fine. If need be, ill just shove server 2012 on it instead, but kinda hoping that someone has had some success.