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Nice Acrylic case

userHead anonymous 2017-03-09 22:50:59 7144 Views4 Replies
I built a nice Acrylic case for my panda
Since the display/touch screen doesn't have any built in bezel or mounting points, I came up with a unique way to make a professional looking case very cheaply and easily
I used 4mil LED glass. I picked up a 4 x 5 foot piece from a sign shop for $20
Its nice because any led's inside cause the case to glow.
Basically what I did is create a front panel 1/2 inch bigger than the screen
I then welded sides on for a total thickness of about 2 inches.
By welding I mean using Methylene Chloride to instantly join the pieces like they do with most plexiglass/acrylic projects. I had a hard time getting the chemical and applicator syringe but finally got some at a local sign shop.
It evaporates very quickly even in a sealed mason jar
I used my router table to trim the box, and sanded and buffed it for a nicer scratch free finish
To mount the display, I cut out the front panel to the exact size of the display. The thickness was the same.
I then added 2 thin strips behind the display at the left and right sides to keep the display from falling inside the box.
To trim the front and keep it from popping out from the front, I was going to use some thinner plexi but I found it wouldn't look professional pro with the screen being recessed a few mils.
So what I did is cut a rectangle out of a black plastic Duo-tang binder and use double sided tape to stick it to the front of the box. The plastic has a nice textured finish. I then trimmed around it with a sharp blade and sanded the edge.
It looks pro. I haven't created a back for it yet but have some cool ideas for that as well.
I was thinking I might create a bezel with custom graphics which I would laminate and stick the same way.
I don't have a pic right now because I am at work but will try to add some later.