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Steam In-Home Streaming

userHead miguel 2017-03-10 09:53:32 5546 Views1 Replies
I will share my experience configuring and using LattePanda as portable Game Streaming client machine with success (1080p and 60fps). My LattePanda board is the 2GB/32GB version, comes without Windows 10 license but I have one myself.

I am using Steam In Home Streaming feature for this, as native streaming is not posible using AMD card from host, only with NVIDIA. Also as I concern there is not a Steam client compiled to ARM architecture, so It is not possible to get it running in Raspberry PI for instance. Steam let you to add non Steam games to your library and stream them. And Steam has a very good built-in streaming feature so I think Steam is the best option for game streaming.

To use Lattepanda for LAN streaming, for instance playing in other house room connecting HDMI port to a TV:

Configure the host, this is, the PC running and streaming the game with default options, now I dont have a screenshot but let me know if you miss some configuration.

In Lattepanda, install steam, login with the same account that in host and connect your Lattepanda to your LAN network. If both host PC and Lattepanda are in the same IP network you should see in library tab games are ready for streaming, also you get a quick notification that streaming is available in your windows bar.

Configure the Steam In Home Streaming client options in Lattepanda for best experience. Use balanced option, hardware decoding and AUTOMATIC rate (very important). Then start the game, if network bandwidth is good you should get 1080p and 60fps. Press f6 during playing game to discover issues If the experiences is bad.

From the graph that appears when pressing F6 you should get the root cause if any issue. Also if you have a high 'frame loss' counter, it should be the CPU is getting very hot that causes low decoding speed rate, I am using the 5pcs heatsink and dont have issues.

Once you get success streaming in your LAN network, you can stream to Internet and play games when you are travelling with Lattepanda using VPN network. VPN network between Windows and Windows is easy to achieve.

If you have issues please let me know and I will try to help you.