Developing from PC and deploying to Lattepanda

userHead miguel 2017-03-10 10:11:32 7229 Views9 Replies

I am new with Lattepanda, I just acquired the 2GB/32GB version. I am very glad with it, I am a software engineer and although I use in my job to develop POSIX user applications for embedded Linux I think IDES and Frameworks as .NET with Visual Studio, Windows IOT, Spring... which are available to Lattepanda are the best options to develop and deploy applications with it, I dont know why people want to install Linux in it.

My question is I dont want to install Visual Studio in Lattepanda and develop from it. It is not comfortable, not enough resources when using some Visual Studio tools and cant use the tools I have when developing from my PC. I want to develop from my PC and deploy the application to run in Lattepanda as Windows service or single process.

I have read the docs but I am in a mess. It seems to me the code is developed and launched using Visual Studio in Lattepanda and not from PC?. 

Are this tutorial to use with Visual Studio running in Lattepanda or PC? Could I deploy and debug code using Lattepanda's Arduino in a remote way while developing with Lattepanda.FirmData API with my PC?

This questions above are very important for me to start developing with the board. I have planned to develop and share a lot of ideas I have in mind.