Rebooting when launching games

userHead anonymous 2017-03-12 19:51:56 2154 Views1 Replies

I'd like to say I've enjoyed having the LP but recently I bricked it, incompatible bios option, I messed with single:dual channel memory. Anyway, managed to resolve that; purchased a CH341A USB tool and flashed the bios!

Anyway, the problem I've always had is, when I try to load a game, let's say Rocket League. Now I know it can't run it well, this is just a test. As soon as it launches the LP turns off. Can't work out why. I've tried adjusting the resolution, turning off power saving options.

My power supply is 2.4 amp 5v. It could be the micro USB I'm using , but I doubt it. It's decent.

I've tried upgrading the lasteat intel hd drivers. What else is left. 0.o