Drivers for windows 8.1 pro

userHead 2017-03-27 01:55:05 8308 Views6 Replies
I installed windows 8.1 pro (32 bit) to my lattepanda 2/32 succesfully, but it is impossible to install drivers also.
When I use setup.exe the installation does not run to finish and some failrue appears. When I use CMD, even like administrator, the installation is succesfull but a lot of files has comment: Number succesfully imported: 0.
I tried to install the drivers manually, but none of them was succesfull. Everytime some error code appears (51 or 37 for example).
Im starting to be hopeless. for my aplication I need windows 8.1, because the software I need to use is not compatible with win 10. But now audio, touch panel, card reader and also wifi does not work. Can anyone help me where is the mistake? Or it is necessary to find another drivers?