Pre-Purchase Q? Re. Dante & Mixbus 32c on Intel Cherry Trail

userHead jabney 2017-04-03 03:46:20 2679 Views2 Replies
Audinate Dante and Harrison Mixbus are audio companies that deal with two separate branches of multi-channel sound recording, editing. re-playing and live-sound. Both of the companies require 4core CPUs, both want 4Gbyte or more RAM, and Audinate Dante needs at least 100Mbps (for 32 tracks) - wired - or 1000Mbps (for more than 32 tracks) - wired. And both companies mention 7200 RPM as a minimum. It looks like the three: 4G LattePanda and those products, Dante & Mixbus32c, should work together.

But here's my concern. For Windows, Harrison Mixbus needs:
"Intel or AMD, 64bit or 32 bit"
So does the Intel Cherry Trail CPU mean the same as an Intel CPU? I know Xeons are considered as Intels, so are Cherry Trails also considered as Intels?

Thank you