Arduino/ATOM interface

userHead Didier 2017-04-05 17:39:59 2442 Views1 Replies
Before starting on the LATTEPANDA card, I want to know if the operation explained below is possible:
The arduino (on the LATTEPANDA card) unrolls a code and reads inputs from sensors or human interfaces (keyboard, buttons ...).
Depending on orders from the arduino, the ATOM processor starts or stops different videos or sounds stored on SD memory cards. So in this application, the ATOM processor is under the control of the arduino which sends it orders according to a context.
For example, imagine 10 push buttons on a desk. If I press button1, video 1 is started. If I press button 2, video 1 stops and video 1 is started, etc ...
Is this possible on LATTEPANDA?
Thank you in advance for your answer.