is Lattepanda support quick charge adapters? its safe?

userHead iamisraeli 2017-04-05 22:06:38 4107 Views3 Replies
It seems like my lattepanda leaking of power or something...
I bought this power adapter: with lattepanda as kit with all accessories, fan case etc.

however they say it has 5V 2A, my latte panda working fine but I have problem with external hdd it makes strange voice when using it over USB on my latte panda and speed going down randomly, when it connected to my laptop I have no problems with it.
I suspect this is power problems however I am not sure, all my drivers are updated.

I seen on hard drive that uses 5V and 0.8A so it takes almost half of the available energy.

is it safe to use this thing? I like blitzwolf they sell very quality products and very cheap. ... mds=search

it seems like it has 5V 3A however they have quick charge mode which means it automatically changing voltages.
is it safe? anyone tried?