My LattePanda died (Kickstarter backer). Warranty?

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My LattePanda suddenly died with no apparent reason. I was using the Aukey PA-T9 charger and the official Lattepanda cable that came with my Kickstarter Pledge. I may had gotten a bad LattePanda back then since it damaged the included Kickstarter charger as well as a Samsung Charger I used when the included charger died. Both chargers got very hot before they stopped working. Now, this time it seems that the LattePanda died instead of the charger. Please note that I didn't had any peripherals attached to it except for a USB Arctic Breeze fan to blow air directly to the board to keep it cooled. The USB Fan is working great, so I doubt it damaged the board. 

None of the LEDs turns on. No Blue, No Red led. Power, Reset and the Arduino buttons does nothing. My LattePanda was flashed since I got it from the Kickstarter campaign with the Auto Power On BIOS, so when I attached power to it, it would boot automatically. I never had BIOS issues or any other problems with Windows 10, so it seems kind of strange the board died almost a full year since I got it.

I took a look at the LattePanda forum and tried to power it on with the CN2 headers, but it didn't worked. This leads me to believe an unexplainable short circuit happened to the board.

My LattePanda details:
LattePanda Rev 1.1 (as written in the PCB) 2GB RAM/32GB eMMC, 32bit Windows 10 (preinstalled and activated)

Kickstarter Pledge Number: 1,462

Below is a pic where you can see that no current is flowing to the board. Usually, it would read between 1A to 1.50A for this board:

Does the board still has warranty? Do you issue replacements? This is the board with an X5-Z8300 CPU.

BTW, I'm one of those who made YouTube videos of this board: ... xk&index=1 ... xk&index=2 ... xk&index=3