Thermal data & Smart Power On/Off for LattePanda

userHead Nanocad 2017-04-20 01:42:35 1876 Views1 Replies
Dear LPTeam, and Creative minds!

@LPTeam - Great development and achievements - kudos!

We are currently looking at the possibilities of using LattePanda as backend for a Car PC. Here two of the questions we have on the drawing table. Your advice would be appreciated.

1) Thermal: Does the LPTeam or anyone have thermal data for the board/chips for both idle and load. HOT that we know already, all chips are. We request this data in hope to design a 'compact' enclosure that, hopefully, will deal with appropriate cooling support. We use CFD analysis/validation in our designs - this data would define if the project is realizable.

2) Power On/Off: Any recommendation(s) (tested) for any DCDC stepdowns or any sort of adapter that will intelligently sense current? We'd want the boot and shutdown to be automated. We've notice that the board can be set to auto in the bios therefore we are mainly concerned about the shutdown pulse.

Thank you for your time and looking forward taking on this project.