Enhanced Version run out of Power without a reason

userHead TTP 2017-04-27 04:12:22 2037 Views2 Replies

I am backer from the first Champagne of Kickstarter. I had no time to test my Panda until last week. I cannot turn the Device into a working mode. After hours of freaking out, I post my issue here.

First my Panda did not start. Then it always power off after turning on. After a few times of restarts with the buttons I got it to work and the initial setups starts. Then it run out of power with no reason. After ReInstall the Image of OS and a few tries, I got it work that Windows is upcoming. But always it runs again out of power without a Reason or Error Message.

My Power Plug is an 0.3A 5V DC. I replaced it with other similar 0.3A items. My USB-Hub is with additional external power supply. But same issue exists without any USB Device connected.

In my opinion it seems that there is a Hardwarebug or something like this. Do you agree? Is it a known issue? Do I have a change for RMA? I know that 90 days are passed.

I see that the upper USB 2.0 Port is not usable because the plastic-block is blocking it. Maybe here is a relation between my Problem?

Please kindly advice.

Kind regards,