[SOLVED] Windows Server 2012 - dcpromo issue

userHead avidgamer 2017-04-29 05:21:37 3562 Views2 Replies
Hey all,

Im having issues with Windows Server 2012. Specifically, promoting to a domain controller. (ive got the basics working, ie ethernet) - not much else needed really.
However, when attempting to promote to a domain controller, an error occurs once it gets to creating the paths:

"Specified paths are invalid. Verification of the directory paths failed. The folder C:\Windows\NTDS does not refer to a valid hard disk. Select a folder on a hard disk drive."

Looking in the dcpromo log file, it says that it failed during "GetDriveType".

Any one have any suggestions? or managed to get it working at all? You get the same error message if trying to use a USB flash drive as well as the paths, so it may be related to "removable" or unfixed drives.