Firmata and Lattepanda - excessive CPU usage

userHead Nanocad 2017-04-30 20:31:15 10214 Views1 Replies
Hey guys

I was toying with my Lattepanda (4/64) and managed to blink the LED on the Leonardo using VS C# and the Firmata library. I have used Kevin's (LP) sample code to achieve this.

The problem is the CPU is running between 30~40% each and every time I use the Firmata libraries. Does it for the LED blink sample but also in other examples. The white LED on the LattePanda stays ON even if I don;t loop anything. Looks like the COM conn is stuck or something.

Do any of you have modified the LP's Arduino.cs or Firmata to lower the load of the CPU? Mind to share what you are doing because in its out of the box state it is unusable (CPU heat up to 70deg in <1min).