Is it possible to add/connect an external Power Button?

userHead etruog 2017-05-03 17:16:14 3777 Views4 Replies

I ordered a LP enhanced (Z8350) for a project. I Built an aluminum case for it with the display and some connectors and a 3D-printed frame.
See a picture here: ... 3BmY1ROQ28
The aluminum case is also used as a heatsink for the LP. It is screwed onto the case with a 4mm copper plate in between the processor and the case. It stays at cool 40 degrees now!

Anyway i have one problem left... I want to use the external power button you see on the picture to power the LP on and off just like the one soldered onto the board does. Is there a way to connect this button anywhere to achieve this? I don't want to solder off the onboard button if i don't have to.

Thanks for help!