USB and Arduino not working

userHead subach 2017-05-04 16:12:39 4815 Views6 Replies

Mine is LP standard (2/32GB). I turned it on, only USB 3.0 is working. The USB 2.0 ports are not. Device Manager says Generic USB Hub has an error (Code: 43). Tried updating driver and power it on without any peripherals connected, still doesn't work. I used Aukey PA-T9 power supply, btw. Not power issue.

Arduino IDE also doesn't show any port beside COM 1. COM 1 is not the port for the Arduino, right? And when I power the LP on, the blue LED on the board doesn't even turn on. The blue LED is for the Arduino, right? It doesn't seem to be power issue.

And whenever I press the Reset button, the whole LP restarts. I thought that button is for the Arduino.

Is there something wrong?