userHead userx 2017-05-11 09:13:28 1684 Views1 Replies
Ok, so I'm going to give this one try, then I'm going to shove the parts back in the box and send it them back to Amazon.

Count me among those who find it very irritating to buy a product so half baked, and with such poor documentation. It's like step 1 is: read the entire internet.

I purchased the "LattePanda 2G/32GB - a Win10 Development Board (with Win10 product key)".

I followed the instructions, and it does not turn on.

The red light came on when I first plugged it in, then there was a blue light that sort of pulsed on and off before going out altogether.

I'm guessing that I should create a boot disk on a microSD, but the instructions didn't say anything about that- they just said to plug it in and hold the power button down. This product is marketed toward hobbyists, and as such, it should have good documentation that makes it clear how it works and what step one is. If you need to have some prerequisite knowledge, that should be made perfectly clear.

If I do, in fact, have to make a boot disk on a microSD, how do I do that, with Windows 10, and how to I activate it- I don't see anything that I can identify as a Windows 10 product key.