LattePanda 4/64 not booting from disk/USB - BIOS accessible

userHead Morgennebel 2017-05-19 21:05:36 2102 Views1 Replies

my LP 4/64 arrived last week and I am trying to install Linux on the system.

During the first power-on Windows 10 was booting fine. Now nothing is being booted and the LP does not detect a USB drive on the USB 3.0 slot.

I have loaded BIOS default settings and changed the two recommended settings (Lid and LPSS) - however Ubuntu (burned with Rufus) from the USB disk is not recognized. Not alone nor by pressing the F7 key during boot.

I am able to enter BIOS settings. Can you please advise what I messed up and what to do?

Thanks, -MN