Choiice of OS?

userHead ZophiasDad 2017-05-29 02:16:53 3083 Views2 Replies
Does this have UEFI or a traditional BIOS? Regardless of type does it have secure boot? Is the use of Windows 10 locked in or can you format the storage chip and install Linux in place of Windows 10? I have stopped using Windows 10 on my main gaming/workstation PC due to MS capping my Internet upload speeds to being only 20mb/sec up. My Internet speeds are 75down and 75up but I normally get more, I just did a speed check and it is 86down and 89up. When running Windows 10 Pro on the same PC I would get 85down but only 20up and my HD activity light was constantly flashing indicating that my SSD was constantly being accessed even when I was not actively using the computer but it was still powered up. I even did a fresh install of Windows 10 thinking that I had some sort of malware running on my PC. After doing a fresh install of Windows 10 I was greeted by a message from MS stating that they replaced the version of Windows 10 with their newest one, I think it was the creative update because this was only a week or two before it was official released. The only software that I installed was the Fire Fox web browser so that I could duplicate the conditions of the speed check. I navigated to the ookla speed check website and this time the connection tested at 86 down but only 19 up oh and my HD activity light was flashing even more rapidly. I then came to the reality that due to MS constant data mining and using my fast connection for pushing out their Windows 10 updates even though I had it turned off in the privacy settings that the only malware on my PC was sadly the spy software that MS passes off as an OS. I am also convinced that MS has capped my upload speeds at 19-20mb/s up so that they can steal the bandwidth above the 20 for their data mining operation. So today the SSD that once held Windows 10 Pro has been formatted and it is now happily running Linux Mint 18.1 64bit with the KDE desktop. I will only purchase this Lattepanda computer if I am able to remove and replace Windows 10.
Thanks for your help,