[DEFECTIVE] Slot for audio jack

userHead scolgevai 2017-05-31 00:27:48 4902 Views4 Replies
Hello there,

I guess the slot for the audio jack on my 4G+64G is broken. Quick history:

1. Booted default lattepanda windows image - audio was working (incl. microphone)
2. Made changes to location and language, applied windows updates. Several reboots. - Audio isn't working anymore. Windows mentions harm of ears every now and then..which is why i think it's a hardware issue. Some kind of defective contact.

What i tried already:

-Recovered default lattepanda windows image with usb-stick.
-Reinstalled drivers using the ones from github
-Updated BIOS to V 1.1
-Tried with PCI MODE (no drivers available)
-used another headset

Has anyone got similar issues?