LP 2G/32GB rev2.0 Activated-NOT ACTIVATED-64bit preinstalled

userHead Castellano Pasquale 2017-05-31 18:00:19 5935 Views5 Replies
Hi LattePanda Team!
Recently I bought three board LP 2G/32GB "Activated"(with "Activated" label) rev2.0.
After the first boot, I connected the board to the internet and I tried to activate my Windows copy without success.
I went to the Computer properties and TADAA! The revision 2.0 of this board came with x64 system preinstalled Windows 10 Home(see attachment) .
NOTE: all the boards have the same problem!
For each board I recovered my product key with the utility ProduKey(Nirsoft), and I trying to install the x86 version.
I will keep you updated.
Thanks a lot!
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