2/32 Panda with W10 Enterprise LTSB

userHead Russ at first-off 2017-06-02 11:28:06 3234 Views1 Replies
Hey guys is there going to be a 2/32 Panda with W10 Enterprise LTSB?

Honestly I think most people that are working with Panda's would prefer the focused functionality or W10 LTSB with their projects. My customers should never see Edge or Cortana or Appstore on their systems. These are things that make my system seem like a "hobby" system that is put together by a Kid in a garage. Which is NOT what my customer's are paying for.

Or is it possible for me to download the 90 day trial version and install it on a 2/32 Panda? Is it possible to get a W10 enterprise LTSB license from you?

Please let me know asap.....i need to buy more Panda's