[DEFECTIVE] - Lattepanda 4GB/64GB crashed & won't power on

userHead jr 2017-06-02 23:15:35 10403 Views20 Replies
My LattePanda crashed during use (aquiring images using a USB connected Camera) and now won't start.
Whenever connected to a power supply nothing happens on the board (none of the status LEDs light up, won't boot, fans won't start, etc) but if the power adapted has a status LED this is seen turning on & off.

- 4GB/64GB enhanced version (kickstarter edition)

I so far tested:
- multiple different power supplies & micro-USB cables (all >2A; incl. the one that came with the board)
-> none bring the board to life, but all work on other equipment

- hard resets
-> don't do anything

- cooling solutions: 2 heatsinks & 2 fans
-> worked perfectly until board just shut itself off

haven't tried other power supplies or flashing/installing new drivers or BIOS (as the board won't even power up)