[DEFECTIVE] + I cannot start my LattePanda 4G/64GB

userHead iinvasion 2017-06-10 02:00:34 1707 Views1 Replies
Dear LattePanda boards manufacturer,

Recently, I’ve purchased LattePanda 4G/64GB board from your online web store.

And, I’ve got a serious technical issue with this board: I’ve re-flashed the latest BIOS at the software level by using
AFUEFI utility. After that, my LattePanda board failed to start. When I power up my board the blue (neon) LED is
blinking and still on. At the same time, the RED LED is always on and never goes out. The board actually fails to
start (NO HDMI output). However, the re-flashing process completed successfully with no fails.

Can you help me out to resolve this issue? I’d so much appreciate you for that.

If this board will further require RMA or replacement, please just let me know about.

Waiting for your reply as soon as possible.