Noob Question about Servo controls

userHead quigonj 2017-06-11 05:58:01 4679 Views4 Replies

Hi, My name is Rick, and like I said, I got the LattePanda so I could get back to work on a long-stalled K9 replica from Doctor Who. It's a fan project, not commercial.

Here is a link to the project in progress:


Here is the wiring scheme I have created for him. Now, as you can see, i have to run about five servos and two motor controllers. The Syren 10 will handle the antenna for his probe, and the Sabertooth will handle the two main drive wheels. (I have casters on the back so he can spin easily.) As for servos, I have a device that can handle lighting as if it was a servo, and for simple things like the lights on his back, I will use the DeLight controller for those. 

When I purchased the LattePanda, I was thinking the GPIO connectors handled servos, but after trying to connect one, I see I was wrong. They are 3 pin, but not compatible with servos. Ugh. Yes, I get that the GPIOs handle sensors, and since proximity sensors will solve issues like getting K9 to stop before running into people or displays at conventions, it's great that those are there, but I still need something more. 

I need some kind of add on board to handle five servos. I know regular Arduino shields are not compatible, but does anyone have a recommendation for a compatible servo control board?