Using LattePanda.Firmata with just Visual C

userHead BRK510 2017-06-26 17:05:22 3361 Views2 Replies
I am just an embedded system programmer and I mostly program in either "C" or assembly language, but I have used Visual C (actually mostly the old Visual C 6.0). I don't really know the C# language and I am hoping that I can just compile the LattePanda.Firmata file in C# to a object file or library, then use this and link it with something I write in Visual C (or C++ if I have to).

Does anyone know if this will work and what the function prototypes will look like if it does? My first target is just to get something working, but I might also want to later build some functions that are callable from MATLAB and have some concern if MATLAB will be able to handle the weird memory management stuff that object oriented languages produce.