Unable to boot LP

userHead Neathdrawls 2017-06-28 09:13:40 2908 Views3 Replies
Hi, my Lattepanda is unable to boot. I haven't been using it recently but just got the itch to try it out again.

Understand that if the red LED is blinking, it means the system is initiating, but it has been ongoing for at least 30 minutes, have looked through the troubleshoot blog and forum but don't seem to be able to find an answer. I have tried to hard reset as well, but to no avail.

My LP is the Enhanced Kit gotten from Kickstarter. Have uploaded a file containing a short video of the blinking lights.

Edit: I am using the micro-usb cable provided by LP, and an Apple iphone wall charger. Could it be due to the power supply from the wall charger? As for the video connection, it is a HDMI to VGA connector, as my screen only has VGA connector.

Is this normal? Please kindly advise.