LP battery management

userHead fabietto_91 2017-07-06 17:41:15 2862 Views2 Replies
Hi everyone!
I am using lattepanda for a portable rugged pc.
The power for LP is provided by a 3s Lipo battery with a 5v 6A switching step down regulator.
The PC works just fine, but the problem is the battery management. For instance, if a normal laptop goes out of battery power, it will shut down autommatically prior to damage the battery.

there is any way to let windows to regcognize the voltage of the battery? i know that the laptop battery has more than 2 contacts, to give info about battery state.
It will be great if windows is able to recognize the battery voltage like a normal tablet PC.
Anyone has a solution to this? even with an external board dedicated to battery management, or maybe with the onboard arduino.

Thanks for any help.

PS i know that a LP v2 is on the way with an improved power on-off interface... is there any prevision on when it will be available?