Android x86 / No sound from 3.5mm jack

userHead Marko 2017-07-12 15:52:02 5288 Views2 Replies
Hi everyone,

das eanyone have problem with sound on Lattepanda? I installed few versions from Android-x86 site (Remix-OS, cm.x86, 6.0 r2, 6.0 r3, 7.1 rc1....) but on non of tham no sound from output.

Can this be fixed by moding some config (audio) file or installing drivers from some repository?
On reinstalled Windows 10 sound works great.

Thank you!
2017-07-18 15:08:13 Dear Marko,

What I can tell is that the audio onboard chip is ALC5645. You may consider to check if it's supported by any Android system or open source community.
And an alternative solution is that you can use the HDMI output to get the audio feature.

BTW, I tried to install the android on my LattePanda before with Remix OS. But always stuck on the installing page. Do you have any suggestion for me to go further? I really love their system design! And except the audio feature, does everything else work great on LattePanda?

Look forward to your reply!
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