[DEFECTIVE] Unattached actuator

userHead tcsfnate 2017-07-15 00:48:04 2865 Views1 Replies
I have not heard of this happening before, but the actuator for the touch screen on my lattepanda enhanced fell right off when I tried to gently raise it up. Holding the touch screen ribbon cable in place does not help either, so I am not able to use it. This computer will be used to power light shows for DJs and at dances, so it is imperative that there is a few lines of defense if mouse and keyboard fail.
Further, whilst attempting to troubleshoot the touchscreen, I woefully discovered the links on the capacitive touch screen dfrobot page, for the touch screen drivers, do not lead anywhere. Blank pages and 404 errors. Since this lattepanda is quite new, it should have integrated drivers, though in device manager the goodix touch screen was not working properly, and drivers could not be found online.
This an RMA request for both the lattepanda enhanced and touchscreen.
I would attempt to use super glue to keep the ribbon cables in place, but I do not think that is worth resorting to, yet.