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LP_Relay Controller_UI

userHead LNC-SPN 2017-07-15 23:55:06 20191 Views12 Replies
Hi LattePanda community!
I have made an application to control up to 8 relays, It also has the voice synthesizer.
Using Visual Studio 2017 (C# .NET) and a modfied LattePanda.CustomFirmata library.
LP_Relay Controller_UI
DExnDFoXUAAGctQ.jpg LattePanda Relay Controller UI (Image) DExnDFoXUAAGctQ.jpg (148.87 KiB) Viewed 14719 times Image
You can change the Pin and the text of each Relay. The configuration and status of each relay will be saved when you close the program. Also the voice settings.

I have a thread on twitter where there is a demo video: ... 2860551168

Project Repository
@ gitHub:

Last Compiled Executable ... ler_UI.exe