Recycle old Laptop with LattePanda

userHead Nana_Qhuacy 2017-08-05 23:41:45 2175 Views0 Replies
Hello Community,
I would first of all want to clarify that I do not own a LattePanda or any other SBC yet . However, I am developing such great interest in it.

I have this HP Stream 13 signature Edition Laptop that, for some reasons unknown to me, fails to boot entirely into the OS. This all started after it fell from a slightly elevated height so I am guessing the main board has sustained some "injuries"

I am planning on getting the 4GB/64GB variant of the LattePanda to replace the stock board that comes with the laptop. i want the community to help me plan this little "project" of mine to have a successful and hopefully low cost outcome.

Looking forward to your ideas and opinions.