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Flatte Panda - low profile LP case

userHead japi 2017-08-11 05:38:18 5339 Views2 Replies
Hi, I've designed a flat case for my LattePanda. It's only 13mm thick and requires you to get rid of some of the components from the board (double usb port, ethernet port, sensor connectors). The benefit is that you get a very thin case you can put in your pocket with all remaining ports available. Unfortunately I was not able to desolder the ports (I've tried with 450*C soldering iron) so I had to rip them apart.


I needed something I could hold in my pocket and power from a single 18650 battery. I will make a battery attachment for this case pretty soon. My aim is to build a powerful portable computer for my video analysis project and LP was perfect but a little bit to thick.

Here is the design of the case for 3d printing:
You can print it yourself or order a print from any known 3d printing services near you.