SD Card disappears windows 10

userHead 6thgear 2017-08-16 15:23:41 4850 Views6 Replies

we are using the lattepanda for 2 camera in car video recording system direct to USB with gps and lcd display, currently we have 2 working versions and will be making another 20 for all our cars (ferrari, lamborghini, aston martins etc). The Lattepanda works great and the results are excellent, the only problem is that on one of the Lattepandas the sd card keeps disappearing, which is not very good as we use the sd card as a storage system for the video footage. I have tried many things to stop this happening but to no satisfaction. The units when being used have no user interface only a button to stop / start recording (other than gps movement to start recording) and a 2 x 16 LCD display to show what the unit is doing so having the sd card drop is causing problems.

I look forward to hearing any ideas to how I can solve this issue

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