ROV (Submersible) Project Question

userHead BridgeTroll 2017-08-16 23:11:02 2556 Views1 Replies
All, Maybe this should have gone in the technical section but here is a kind of general question on what the LattePanda can do as far as communication between LattePandas....

I have am thinking about building an ROV. To minimize cabling between the user controls at the surface and the actual ROV it would be nice to send all of the data, including video, over one Cat 5/6 cable. Would it be possible for me to do all of my joystick and motor controls on the Arduino side and use a webcam for video on the windows side and then stream the video and serial data between the two two Lattepandas via Ethernet ports?

I'm sure it isn't too much data but I wasn't sure if the Arduino can take advantage of the built in Ethernet port or if I would have to get an Ethernet shield and router for each end?

Thanks for any comments.