Touch panel calibration problem

userHead MGMGMG 2017-08-23 17:48:46 12630 Views3 Replies
Hello, I have a calibration problem with 7" screen and touch panel.
On the left side, very close to border (up to 1 cm) in the middle of the screen height, the panel is shifting the input horisontaly about 1 cm right. In the left corners it works very well, I can press the Start button, but I can't press the power off buton because my touch is reported about 1-2cm to the right from the place touched.
Here is the video: ... Gpsc2RBRWM

I had other problem with that screen, before the touch panel driver update it was shifting touch at the right side of the screen, I could't touch the X button for closing of the windows.

One weird thing I have noticed is that in "Tablet PC settings" in display options there is that the panel is: flat panel (640x480 60Hz).

Any ideas how to make this touch panel work properly?
Thanks, Marek