Control the stepper motor(1)

userHead Kellman616 2017-08-23 18:54:19 5851 Views1 Replies

These days, I want to make a remote toy car with stepper motors and use my smart phone to control it . Searching on the internet for many days, I find a perfect app called 'GoBLE'. Its interface is similar as a game controller. Arduino Bluno is also what I want. It's a development board that integrates a TI CC2540 Bluetooth 4.0 chip.So, I can control the speed and direction of the car with these two stuff. I also need a stepper motor driver.(Maybe I can use LattePanda to do this project ! Still working on it)

Update:Control the stepper moter by your phone

What you need:

Dual Bipolar Stepper Motor Shield for Arduino


And here's my car model. A little simple. Anyway, it can run.


First, let's try to run the motor. I need to buy a stepper motor driver. I find a nice driver from DFRobot that is compatible with the Arduino Bluno. In the Wiki, there's a sample code for the stepper motor. Upload to the board. You can see the motor is running. You can change the direction and speed by setting the time delay and direction pin. 


Since the motor is running, I will try to use my phone to control the motor next.

To be continued!