Red Light just Blinks on Power On

userHead Compy 2017-09-05 04:55:22 2903 Views3 Replies
I got my LP a few weeks ago and have been testing it with arch linux. Things were running until I tried to update the BIOS using ... %20version

This is a 2G/32G Z8350 version.

I copied the contents to a USB flash drive (FAT32) and the update was performed successfully. However now the board just has a flashing red light and I get no monitor signal. Prior to this, there were random PCI init hangups where the LP would just lock up on the BIOS screen. Is the LP really not ready for prime time yet? I've never had this issue with other SBCs.

I then re-flashed the BIOS using an SPI programmer with the metal shield removed (also followed the forum instructions here for this). The flash did not return any errors, and the result is still the same, just the blinking red light.

Any ideas?