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Watercooled LattePanda feat Odroid´s & Pi´s

userHead Tholo 2017-09-06 05:00:09 11442 Views5 Replies
Hej there! I´ve think i will you show the first impressions of my Boinc Crunching Farm.
There is a LattePanda (64GB Version) inside. With alot of hot glue and 2 40x40 heatsink in front and backside
Here is a pic of the LattePanda

And here the whole building but it is the first Step! I´m not finished. The Light and the backgroundart is missing.
But Water On!


This System should be crunch alot of Boinc work for Scienes like medicine, mathe and astronomy. Why Lattepanda, Odroids and Pi´s ? Because the hole system needs round about 200watt energy. I´m from germany and the energycost are expensive (0.33$/kwH). With this i can make this workuntis with low costs. And it´s funny to build.Maybe in the furture nice to look too.
We will see. I kept you informed

Greets Tholo